IRO dodjeljuje još jednu mikro-stipendiju za prijavu na studij u SAD-u!

IRO dodjeljuje još jednu mikro-stipendiju za prijavu na studij u SAD-u!

IRO i Veleposlanstvo SAD-a u Hrvatskoj ponosno objavljuju natječaj za dodjelu jedne mikro-stipendije u iznosu od 500 USD koju će stipendist moći iskoristiti za troškove priprema za prijavu na visoka učilišta u SAD-u.

Stipendija će se moći koristiti tijekom ove godine te čitavu sljedeću godinu.

Natječaj je otvoren od 22. travnja do 4. svibnja, a prijavnu dokumentaciju potrebno je dostaviti na email adresu

Za više informacija, pročitajte tekst natječaja u nastavku.


U.S. Mobility Micro-Grants

Call for Applications

The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE) and the United States Embassy in Zagreb are pleased to announce the competition for U.S. Mobility Micro-Grants open for Croatian high school and university students wishing to continue their studies in the U.S.
The program is intended to alleviate the financial burdens related to the application process for accredited U.S. higher education institutions, such as various administrative costs related to applications to U.S. higher education institutions and/or visa applications.


  • Candidates must have Croatian citizenship and permanent residency in Croatia.
  • Candidates must be
    1. Students in their junior or senior year of high school in Croatia or
    2. Students who are already enrolled in or have recently completed a bachelor study program in Croatia.
  • Candidates must have a strong academic record.
  • Preference will be given to candidates from low-income families and from areas of special state concern (područja posebne državne skrbi; for more information please see:, and to applicants who have not previously studied or lived abroad for an extended period of time.


  • Candidates already living in the United States or individuals with dual U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent residence status are not eligible to apply for micro-grants.
  • Current employees of IDE and the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, as well as their relatives, are not eligible to apply for micro-grants.


The micro-grant will be awarded in the form of two monthly installments. The grant may be used to cover the following:

  • Standardized test fees
  • Translations, certifications and credential evaluations of the student’s official documents and records
  • SEVIS fee
  • Application fee to accredited U.S. higher education institutions
  • Visa issuance fee
  • Travel expenses to/from the testing center
  • Travel expenses to/from the U.S. Embassy where the visa interview will be held, and/or
  • Overnight accommodation in case the testing site/Embassy is located far from the student’s home.

The micro-grant may be used to cover the aforementioned expenses incurred from the date of receiving the micro-grant.


The deadline for submitting the application is May 4, 2020.

Applications, containing the application form and all other required documents (see section Required Documents below), must be sent by email to IDE address

Applications will be pre-screened for formal requirements. Only complete applications will be assessed and given over to the IDE Committee for evaluation.


Applicants have to provide the following documents:

  • Completed and signed U.S. Mobility Micro-Grants Application Form, which also includes an essay (for more information see section Essay Guidance below). To download the Application Form please use this link.
  • Proof of citizenship (passport/ID copy with photo)
  • Certificate of state graduation exam (svjedodžba o državnoj maturi, requirement for applicants who are university students)
  • Official transcript of study results (high school students must submit a transcript for all completed years in high school and university students must submit a university transcript which shows all program subjects and grades achieved)
  • Parents’/guardians’ income statements for the previous three months.


  • Proof of any academic and non-academic awards (e.g. subject-specific exams, awards from athletic events or extracurricular activities) or volunteering activities

Please note: All documents may be submitted in Croatian, except for the Application Form, which must be completed in English. Submitted application materials will not be returned.


Applicants should give careful consideration to the preparation of the essay which is part of the application form (see document U.S. Mobility Micro-Grants Application Form).

In the essay, they should present themselves and set out in their own words the reasons for wishing to study in the U.S., their motivation, colleges and study programs they intend to apply to, their plans for the future, and why they think the micro-grant should be awarded to them.

The essay should be 350-650 words long.


The competition is open from April 22, 2020 to May 4, 2020. The complete application package must be sent by email to the following address:

Contact: Ana Uglešić,, tel. +385 1 4817195

The application package must reach IDE by May 4, 2020 (EoB).

Upon receipt of the documentation, a confirmation of receipt will be sent to the email address stated in the application.


The selection procedure includes two stages:

  1. Review of complete applications by IDE Committee
  2. Interview of the best-ranked preselected students (online).

Note: Applicants will receive additional points if they have attended U.S. study-related advising sessions organized by IDE. Grantees will also be required to attend any (online) advising sessions organized for them after the award of the micro-grants.


Approved applicants will receive written communication of the decision of the Committee early/mid-May.

The notification of acceptance will contain a deadline by which all grantees should send a report about how the money was/is being spent, as well all required documentation as proof that the micro-grant was used for the purposes stated above (see section Financial Terms).

In case the student cannot prove that the micro-grant was used for the said purposes, the amount awarded will have to be reimbursed.


Applicants provide personal information to IDE when they enter the competition. IDE collects this information and uses it to administer this competition. IDE may use an applicant’s personal information for the purposes of reporting or publicizing the applicant as a winner of this competition, including in any publicly available or reported winners list. Learn more in our Privacy Policy available at