COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art

COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art

COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art

Aluminium Bonds

8th edition

New deadline: 31 December 2020


Unfortunately, the health emergency taking place around the world has not finished yet, travel between countries is still difficult and infections, although to a much lesser extent, do not stop. Given the period of uncertainty that does not invite you to travel or to meet easily, the organizers of the COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art, have established an extension of the deadline for the eighth edition.

Registrations, which was supposed to close by 31 October, will be open until 31 December 2020.

The announcement of the COMEL Award has never lasted so long, but this time it is necessary to take into account the health situation not only in Italy, but all over Europe. However, the international competition does not stop and again invites artists to get involved with the creative use of aluminium.

There are still two months available to work on the theme of the 2020-2021 edition: Aluminium Bonds. A theme that takes its cue from one of the properties of aluminium, namely that of not existing absolute in nature and of having a chemical propensity to link with other elements.

This propensity to create bonds is also a natural feature of the COMEL Award which since its first edition has been a promoter of knowledge, exchange and meetings between artists, experts and art lovers. A tool for sharing and starting new beginnings, but also for affectionate remembrance of the past and of the people who are no longer there, but with whom the ties are indissoluble.

The call is for all artists aged 18 and over, who were born, live and / or work in any country of the European continent, they are invited to work aluminium in compliance with the theme of the eighth edition and to register their own work of painting, or sculpture, or design, or photography and installation.

A jury of experts will choose 13 finalist works among the entries that will be exhibited in the final phase of the competition at the Spazio COMEL in Latina, hopefully during spring next year. The final dates will be established and communicated as soon as the European health situation allows.

Among the 13 finalists, the winner of the COMEL Award will be decreed according to the judgment of the jury (who will win a cash prize of 3500 euros and a personal exhibition with a dedicated catalog) and the winner of the Audience Award (who will be the protagonist of a personal at the COMEL Space in Latina), chosen by the visitors of the exhibition, called to vote for their favourite works.

To register or receive more information, visit the website .

Registration is free.


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