Join our webinar “Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Student Engagement: Enriching Higher Education Institutions”!

Join our webinar “Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Student Engagement: Enriching Higher Education Institutions”!

Thursday 15 June 2023, 15-16h CET; via MS Teams platform

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Summary of the webinar:
The objective of the webinar is to provide information on how a higher education institution could structure student engagement activities. Student engagement encompasses active participation in various aspects of academic life, including learning and teaching, research and outreach endeavors, as well as governance and management activities within the higher education institution. To set the stage for the panel discussion, we will begin by presenting the key findings from the Erasmus+ project “InclusiPHE: Inclusive Engagement of Non-traditional Students in Professional Higher Education.” This project has developed valuable resources aimed at fostering student engagement within higher education institutions – available at

Following the introduction, the panelists will delve into a discussion shedding light on the many of benefits associated with student engagement. They will share inspiring examples of successful practices in this field. The panelists will also explore opportunities to cultivate more inclusive student engagement, ensuring the active participation of non-traditional students. By addressing these important aspects, our webinar aims to equip participants with practical knowledge and strategies to enhance student engagement within their own institutions.

The target audience of the webinar are representatives of higher education institutions, student organizations, policy makers on a system level, community stakeholders and all others interested in the topic of the European Higher Education Area.

This webinar is organized by the Institute for the Development of Education, Croatia (  within the project “InclusiPHE: Inclusive Engagement of Non-traditional Students in Professional Higher Education”, which is financed by the Erasmus+ project of the EU. More information on the project is available at .


• Liz Thomas, University of York and Liz Thomas Associates (UK), Senior Lecturer

Liz Thomas is the senior lecturer at the University of York in the UK. Liz has been researching equity in higher education for over 25 years. While initially focusing on access to higher education, her work progressed to consider success within higher education and beyond for students from non-traditional and under-represented groups. This has included recognising the role of student engagement and belonging, and consideration of how inclusive learning and institutional cultures and structures can enable or hinder student success.

• Pegi Pavletic, University of Camerino (Italy) and European Students’ Union Quality Assurance Pool of Student Experts

Pegi Pavletic is a current member of the Steering Committee of the European Students’ Union (ESU) Quality Assurance Pool of Student Experts and a former member of the ESU’s Executive Committee. She is a student expert in quality assurance in higher education with seven years of experience during her bachelor, master and PhD studies. She is also a student expert on academic integrity, recognition of competencies and on the European Qualifications’ Framework. For her student activism she received a Rector’s award from the University of Rijeka in Croatia in 2019. She has also received an Exemplary Student Award from the European Network for Academic Integrity for her efforts on promoting academic integrity. Currently, Pegi is a PhD candidate in the field of medicinal chemistry at the University of Camerino in Italy.

• Sebastian Berger, Global Student Forum, Executive Director

Sebastian Berger is the Executive Director of the Global Student Forum (GSF). He has previously held the office of Vice President in the European Students’ Union (ESU) as well as other leadership positions in the student movement on the local, national and international level. He also serves as the co-chair of the Education and Academia Stakeholder Group in the United Nations and as the treasurer of Nobel peace laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s 100 Million Foundation. Sebastian holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from University of Vienna and a master’s degree in international relations, strategy and security from Neapolis University Pafos in Cyprus.

Moderator and introduction:

• Introduction – Nik Heerens, Knowledge Information Centre (Malta)

• Moderator – Ninoslav Scukanec Schmidt, Institute for the Development of Education (Croatia), Executive Director

Ninoslav Scukanec Schmidt is Executive Director of the Institute for the Development of Education in Zagreb, Croatia. He is currently co-chairing the Bologna Follow-up Working Group on Social Dimen-sion for the period 2021-2024. He successfully co-chaired the previous 2018-2020 Bologna Follow-up Advisory Group on Social Dimension that created the strategic document “Principles and Guidelines for Social Dimension” to help 49 countries in the European Higher Education Area improve social dimension policies.