Visa For Music 2020

Visa For Music 2020

Visa For Music 2020 – The call for applications for the official selection of artists is launched!

The 7th edition of Visa for Music, the professional market and festival of African and Middle Eastern music, will be held from 18 to 21 November 2020 and, once again this year, will transform the city of Rabat into the capital of music!

Born out of the paradox of the amazing dynamism of artistic creation in Africa and the Middle East on the one hand, but the lack of visibility of its artists on the other, Visa For Music has made it its mission to offer them a forum for expression. As a federating event, it is today an incredible platform that promotes opportunities for encounters and contributes to giving the visibility and the place they deserve to the artists of the continent.
As an event of national and international scope, Visa For Musica aims to confirm its role as an unmissable meeting place for artists and professionals in the music industry from all over the world: agents, record companies, programmers, cultural institutions and foundations, media and trainers, etc.
In a short format – a 40-minute showcase – intended primarily for professionals, artists will be able to showcase their best work and most representative of their creation, in live public conditions.
This year, 30 artists will be selected by the jury, whose names have not yet been announced. Electro artists (Producers/DJs/VJs) will also be selected to perform at the after-midnight showcases.

The call for entries for the official selection is open.

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2020!


Direction: Brahim El Mazned –