IRO sudjeluje na 9th Living Knowledge Conference 2022

IRO sudjeluje na 9th Living Knowledge Conference 2022

Conference: Wednesday 29 June, Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July, 2022
Pre-conference Programme: Tuesday 28 June 2022.

New Synergies in Research with and for Communities:
To meet, to learn, to collaborate

The 9th Living Knowledge Conference aims to bring together all those involved in doing or supporting research with and for communities. What can we learn from each other’s approaches? How can we collaborate? Which links have been forged and which could we still make? On our network’s 22nd anniversary we will celebrate our achievements and look forward into the future!

Over the years, a myriad of approaches have been developed to do collaborative research with and for communities. Different names, different (ideological) histories, and (sometimes slightly) different objectives may obscure what we all have in common: an urge to co-create and share new knowledge for an inclusive, equitable, healthy and sustainable society.

Therefore, we hope to see you and talk about your science shops, research shops, living labs, citizen science, public engagement, participatory action research, investigative journalism, community-based research, community service learning, user driven innovation and …. (put your work’s name tag here). We are especially interested in collaborations you have forged, how you created new synergies by involving students, crossovers you have made, and your ideas for future collaborations.


Living Knowledge Conferences favour interaction over one-way presentations. You can expect ample time for discussions, workshops, and dilemma sessions. From this meeting of people and minds we hope to create synergies that will benefit all of us – and the communities we stand for.



The TEFCE Toolbox: An Institutional Self-Reflection Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education;

Thomas Farnell, Institute for the Development of Education, Croatia


The conference will be useful to anybody who’s either interested in, supporting, facilitating, or doing community-driven, collaborative research. You will find a warm ‘community of practice’ with old and new friends awaiting you; to meet, to learn, to collaborate!