By Emma Christman

The wide range of activities and clubs available on American college campuses makes it easy to use your spare time in a fun and fulfilling way. The community-focused atmosphere and campus setting helps new friendships form. Students are given incredible freedom to plan their own schedules and to find the right balance between studying, self-care, and time for friends and hobbies. No two people will have exactly the same college experience, and this means that each person can choose to do what suits them best.

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

Podrazumijeva se, jasno i dobro poznavanje engleskog jezika jer zadatci su mahom tekstualni. Matematičko modeliranje – odnosno pretvaranje pisanog problema u matematičku jednadžbu je nešto što našim polaznicima  može upravo iz tog razloga predstavljati izazov. Zato smo, uostalom, mi tu!!!

piše Darja Ševeljević Gamoš, prof.