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Sigmund Freud University Vienna – Ljubljana branch (SFU Ljubljana) offers academic study programmes in PSYCHOTHERAPY SCIENCE and PSYCHOLOGY. The academic study programmes are accredited in Austria and carried out according to Bologna Process (3 + 2 years). All the study programmes are in Slovenian language, except few exceptions are in English.

The Psychotherapy science programme is a combination of theory, practice, work on oneself. Students have to gain a lot of practical experience throw-out their studies.  The Outpatient Clinic of SFU Ljubljana is one of the places where they train their skills. The great need for professionally educated and skilled psychotherapists undoubtedly places the latter among the professions of the future.


The study programme of Psychology is modern, interdisciplinary and widely used in sports, education, counselling, management, media, clinics, working with animals, research etc.. In addition to theoretical and methodological knowledge, students partake in exercises of self-awareness, moderating and conversation management techniques, where concrete methods are practised, useful for their future profession.

SFU Ljubljana also offers a non-academic one-year programme of Psychotherapeutic propaedeutics, which covers the basic knowledge from the field of psychotherapy and prepares the students for further four-year specialization of a chosen psychotherapeutic modality, e.g. psychoanalytic psychotherapy, systemic psychotherapy, psychotherapy for children and adolescents, gestalt psychotherapy and analytical psychology.

Students of SFU Ljubljana meet in tutoring groups, where they solve potential problems, evaluate, socialize, listen to different opinions and to one another. This is of great importance for both professions – psychotherapists and psychologists.

Students of SFU Ljubljana can attend selected courses by external international lecturers or take part in international study exchanges with other SFU branches in Vienna, Milan, Berlin, Paris and Linz.

Working in both professions, either as a psychologist or a psychotherapist, is interesting, varied and requires a combination of continuous self-development, counselling and helping people on their journey through life. You are warmly invited to enrol in the study programmes offered at SFU Ljubljana and begin your own journey towards your new self and your new profession!

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